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What are age spots?

As we age, a lot of smaller, dark blemishes tend to appear mostly on our face and back of our hands. They are typically in the form of sharply defined, rounded, brown, or black, flat patches of skin. These are called age spots, and they are the result of our body producing excess melanin (the pigment that gives color to the skin). The reason why our bodies make excess melanin is to protect skin from the sun’s UV rays, so in theory, it is a good thing.

The problem occurs when melanin inside skin starts clumping together and making these “age spots.” This process happens very slowly over the course of many years, and so these spots tend to start showing up only as we get older, thus earning their name.

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pigmented age spots and hyper pigmentation treatment in alpharetta
pigmented age spots and hyper pigmentation treatment in alpharetta



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Symptoms and causes of age spots

Age spots appear in the areas where the skin is most exposed to the sun, which tends to be on the face, back of the neck, and hands. They can be alone or appear in groups and eventually form a cluster or a larger dark spot. They usually appear on people aged 40 and over, though they can also form on younger people who often experience sunburns or use tanning beds.

Luckily age spots are not cancerous and may not lead to cancer. But if you expose yourself and skin to prolonged levels of sun, you may develop some type of skin cancer.

Dark spots could be cancerous and may appear to be lentigines if there is a scaly red elevation called actinic keratoses. Please consult your dermatologist if you have these unfamiliar skin conditions and with his approval scheldue a free consulattion at 404-253-2663

Treatment of age spots

Topical creams used to be a trendy way of treating age spots but have proven unnecessarily dangerous over the years. Some of these creams even contain mercury, which can pose a severe health risk and should never touch the skin in any way.

Other alarming ingredients that topical creams may possess: cortisone, retinoids such as tretinoin, and hydroquinone. Considering that these creams lighten skin gradually over a long period of the time and may cause irritation and other side effects, we advise you against using these creams.

Intense laser therapy is advised as it is a much safer option.  This is what we at Alpharetta laser hair removal and anti-aging clinic perform on a regular basis. This treatment promotes the overall health of the skin as the laser light boosts the production of collagen and targets water inside the skin.

Laser skin therapy for age spots is exceptionally safe and can only be performed by specially trained and licensed personnel to ensure the best results.