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Acne laser skin treatment
NeoClear by Aerolase®

Aerolase, the company behind many widely used professional lasers, has developed a new method of acne treatment called NeoClear. This method is performed using their Aerolase laser.

Aerolase laser therapy is designed to destroy acne bacteria without damaging your surrounding skin. This method reduces inflammation and helps control future breakouts while also balancing oil production within the skin.

All of this is thanks to Aerolase unique 650 Microsecond Laser Technology™. The “650 millisecond” refers to how fast the light penetrates your skin and the fact that the laser doesn’t cause any damage.

Aerolase is gentle and does not require the use of cooling gel nor numbing cream during treatment. If some redness appears during treatment, it usually fades away within hours. Another great thing about Aerolase acne therapy is that it promotes collagen production, which rejuvenates the whole face and diminishes acne scars. 404-253-2663



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Who performs the treatment?

Only board-certified doctors or our nurse practitioners certified with the Aerloase laser will perform your acne treatment using the Aerloase laser. 

How should I prepare?

Your skin needs to be completely clean in order for a laser to work correctly and ensure the best results. Because of this, we will always give you a cleanser to wash your face right before your session.

It is still a good idea to come for your treatment, not wearing any makeup. This is to ensure that there will be absolutely no residue left on your skin.

acne laser treatment neaoclear in apharetta

What does it feel like?

Patients who have tried other lasers in the past report that Aerloase feels a lot gentler on the skin and is noticeably less painful, so give us a call to schedule your appointment today.

The reason Aerloase feels gentler is due to all the care that was put into engineering, a device that can target only the precise area within the skin.

Aerloase devices do not burn the outside layers of the skin, and their aftercare is significantly shorter and less complicated than with other types of lasers. If you have sensitive skin and low pain tolerance – Aerloase is the right treatment for you. 404-253-2663

What to expect right after laser treatment?

As the Aerloase laser does not damage your skin, there is no downtime after the treatment. There might be some slight redness present, but it should disappear within a few hours.

We will always recommend a sunscreen for you to put on your treated area and tell you to avoid direct sunlight. This is a standard procedure for any laser therapy. After that, you can simply get up and go about your day as usual.

How many laser skin treatments are needed?

Multiple factors have a roll in the recovery process. The severity of the condition and a person’s skincare habits are both significant. For active acne, we recommend 4 to 6 initial sessions to make sure that the condition is under control. Further touch-up treatments can be performed as subsequent breakouts start forming. 

Since acne is a chronic condition, they will most likely appear again, but every time it will be easier to treat. Newly forming acne are much easier to calm down than the long-standing ones that we treat during the initial sessions. 404-253-2663

The patient in the picture has had four sessions done.

acne laser treatment neaoclear in apharetta

What is the end result?

With Aerolase, you can expect to reduce your acne and control subsequent breakouts drastically. Depending on the severity of your condition, your skin type, lifestyle, and skin regimen, you are likely to be acne-free for extended periods.

As your skin becomes more clear, it will also start producing less oil, which will help improve your texture, tone, and help your pores breathe. The end result is for you to achieve and maintain clear skin and a piece of mind.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the Aerolase treatment varies from person to person because acne treatment and acne scar treatment is customized for your specific skin needs.

Give us a call today to schedule your FREE acne removal consultation, and we will discuss everything with you and explain exactly what we can do to make your skin clear and healthy today at 404-253-2663