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How does laser hair removal work?

Our Aerolase laser produces high-intensity pulses of light, which hairs on our body can absorb through pigment – melanin. When hair comes in contact with the laser, it absorbs the light and turns it into pain-free heat. This heat then travels down to the follicle and burns it. The damaged follicle will no longer produce new hair, and so your skin remains smooth and hairless for years to come.

Cosmetic laser hair removal has been around for a long time, and it has been FDA approved since 1997, so there is nothing to worry about. The technology has evolved significantly and is virtually pain-free and less stressful than it used to be.

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Body hair removal using laser therapy is no longer a luxury that only the rich can afford. As the cost has dropped and the effectiveness of laser treatment has risen, it has become the number one method of permanent hair removal. It comes as no surprise that we recommend it over any other hair removal, be it electrolysis or IPL hair removal.

If you are debating getting laser hair removal treatment, we recommend trying it somewhere small first, like your underarms or bikini zone. Once you see how easy it is and how good the results are, we guarantee you will never want to pay for waxing again.

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Which areas can be treated?

Legs – Member area is specific because not all people grow noticeable hairs on their thighs. Because of this, you can either get the full leg hair laser removal or only get the lower half done and save time and money.

Bikini line and Brazilian – Bikini line is the most common laser hair removal treatment, while the Brazilian has gotten more and more attention over the years. If you are getting the Brazilian, know that you can choose to leave triangle or stripe of hair up in front. It is all up to you.

Body (back and abdominal) – Laser hair removal of the back hair is very popular with men. Laser treatment has excellent results as those hairs are often very thick and dark. As for abdominal hair removal, it is often combined with bikini lines or Brazilian hair removal.

Arm and underarm – Underarm laser hair removal only takes minutes per session, so our customers like to combine it with other treatments. We also offer complete arm laser hair removal for those with darker hair.

Face (upper lip, cheeks, eyebrows, neck) – Facial laser hair removal is a popular treatment with both men and women. Men usually take care of the aggressive neck hair while women like to get rid of dark sideburns and upper lip hair. Stubborn chin hairs that come with age are also a widespread procedure.

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laser hair removal legs, armpits and face

Why is initial consultation necessary?

Even though it is improbable, your skin might have an unpleasant reaction to the laser. Because of this, we will perform a test on a small spot before starting your first treatment. This is standard procedure and nothing you should stress about. 404-253-2663

During your consultation, we will also explain to you how the laser treatment works and determine if you are eligible for laser hair removal treatment. For example, fair people with very light hair on their faces often have a hard time permanently removing it with a laser. Their hair doesn’t have enough melanin to absorb the light.

We will discuss this and all other things you might be curious about during your consultation, which is, of course, free of charge. If you have any questions about your package, aftercare, or prices, feel free to ask them during this time.

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Who performs the treatment?

Only certified medical providers will perform laser hair removal treatments. 

How should I prepare for my first laser treatment?

  • Avoid waxing or tweezing for 6 weeks before your first session – laser has no effect if there is no hair to transfer the light to the follicle and burn it.
  • Stay out of the sun – tanned skin can result in permanent pigmentation of the lasered area and will also reduce the effectiveness of the laser.
  • Do not shave – your hair needs to be visible in order to be able to absorb and transfer laser light. We recommend just trimming it to about 1/4 of an inch.
  • Ask your practitioner any additional questions you might have during the initial consultation.

What does it feel like?

In most cases, laser hair removal is significantly less painful than waxing. During the procedure, you might feel a small sting as the laser burns the follicles, but there shouldn’t be any severe pain present. If you prefer not to feel anything at all, you can always ask your assigned technician to apply a numbing cream. 404-253-2663

What to expect right after laser hair removal treatment?

As lasers do not damage the skin itself, only follicles, laser hair removal is a swift and low-risk procedure. The area treated by the laser may initially appear slightly red and feel like a slight sunburn. This is normal and should go away within a day or two. Some hairs might fall off right away while other, more stubborn ones will take a while to disappear.

We recommend putting moisturizer on the area and not exposing it to direct sunlight right before and after the treatment. Also, it is a good idea to use sunscreen over the next few weeks to protect the area from direct UV rays. We don’t recommend plucking or waxing of the lasered area in between treatments.

You should also avoid using any products that have the potential to irritate your skin, like alcohol, AHAs, or astringents.

On rare occasions, patients can develop scarring or change in skin color. These risks can be significantly minimized by following our aftercare recommendations.

Laser versus other ways of removing hair permanently

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is suitable for certain types of cosmetic procedures, but they are an inferior tool for hair removal. Lasers, in comparison, are much stronger and safer since they only target follicles.

Electrolysis is a slow procedure that targets one hair at the time versus laser hair removal, which treats many at once. Electrolysis is also quite painful, where lasers are only uncomfortable. In simple terms, electrolysis is an outdated technique.

There are some FDA approved facial creams, but they are unreliable and need to be applied daily. In most cases, facial hair returns once you stop using the cream. This temporary solution often ends up costing a lot more money than a permanent laser treatment would.

Handheld laser devices for at-home use are weak compared to professional lasers. This is by design, as users at home aren’t trained and certified professionals. Because of their low power, home devices can work to their full potential only in perfect conditions (light skin, dark, thick hair). Lasers, with their superior strength, can be used on a wide range of skin colors. Home devices aren’t very cheap either and considering their unreliable effects. They often need to be used in more than six sessions.

All in all, professional laser hair removal is the best all-around experience. It will save you both time and money while running a low risk of painful sessions and unwanted side effects.

What is the end result?

You should see results right after the first session. Some but not all hairs will fall off right away, and new hair won’t grow back. The trick with laser hair removal is that not all of the follicles are active at the same time.

This is why it is crucial to complete all your sessions of body hair removal spread out over three to six sessions in total. Different follicles will activate, and new hair will start growing, so it usually takes about six sessions to damage all the follicles in an area.

Once all of your hair is gone, you will be left with permanently smooth skin that you won’t have to think about.

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How many treatments are needed?

This largely depends on the type of hair you have and your skin tone, some hairs can be very stubborn while others come off right away. The average number of sessions is between three and six, varying greatly on the area you are treating. Usually, facial hairs are delicate and light and can take longer to get rid of, while the bikini line and underarms are easier to treat.

Both light hair on fair skin and dark hair on darker complexion can be tricky to treat. Also, you might have sensitive skin in addition to falling under these two groups. In these cases, we might use different lasers in different areas, and you might need to come for more than six sessions due to a slower rate of gentler lasers.

What factors play into laser effectiveness?

  • Hair color – For a laser to effectively burn the hair follicle, the hair needs to have sufficient amounts of melanin which will absorb the light during treatment. Because of this, laser hair removal treatments work best on darker hair.
  • Hair thickness – This is the same principle, darker, thicker hair absorbs more light and responds better to treatment.
  • Skin color – Until a few years ago, only fair-skinned individuals could be treated due to technological limits. This is no longer a problem, though darker-skinned people might require a gentler laser treatment and more sessions in order to achieve the same results.
  • Body area – Not all areas of the body have the same hair quality, so some areas respond better than the others. Underarms and bikini area have thicker and darker hair, so they respond the best to laser treatment. Facial hair is usually much more delicate and lighter, which makes it a lot more resilient.