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NeoSkin treatment by Aerolase is a non-invasive, gentle way of reducing wrinkles and fine lines, reducing redness and hyperpigmentation, and rejuvenating skin tone and texture. This new method of skin healing is among the best treatments currently on the market. Best of all, it is entirely customizable for your own skin needs and to the ideal image of your face.

Aerolase utilizes the unique 650 Microsecond Laser Technology™. What this means is that the laser penetrates the skin in just 650 milliseconds and thus ensure no damage occurs to healthy areas.

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Aerolase lasers do not require the use of cooling gels and are, in fact, the most advanced laser currently on the market and far as convenience goes. With Aerolase, you can come for a treatment and go on about your day as usual right after the procedure is finished. If any mild redness occurs, it should fade away witching hours.

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How should I prepare for my first treatment?

Your skin needs to be completely clean in order for a laser to work correctly and ensure the best results. Because of this, we will always give you a cleanser to wash your face with right before your session.

It is still a good idea to come for your treatment, not wearing any makeup. This is to ensure that there will be absolutely no residue left on your skin.

What does it feel like?

Patients who have previously tried other lasers report that the Aerolase laser feels like a mild warming sensation rather than pain. This is due to all the care Aerolase lasers put into engineering a device that can target only the precise area within the skin.

Aerolase lasers do not damage the skin, require the use of gels, nor have side effects. If you have sensitive skin and low pain tolerance – Aerolase is the right treatment for you.

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Who performs the treatment?

Trained and certified medical providers, medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, and nurse practitioners perform Aerolase treatment. Your procedure will be customized for you and performed by trained personnel.

What is the end result?

With Aerolase, you can expect to rejuvenate your skin from within and reduce any signs of aging. Every treatment is customized to your personal needs and can target specific areas that you are most concerned about. 404-253-2663

Whether you want to target early signs of aging or would like to reduce redness in your cheeks, is entirely up to you. Before you begin your laser therapy session, you will always speak to your assigned medical provider and discuss what your goals are. 

How many treatments are needed?

Multiple factors have a roll in how fast the results can be seen. For most patients, we recommend a treatment course of 4 to 6 sessions. The degree to which akin aging has already occurred plays a significant factor in this.

We recommend preventing early signs rather than waiting for them to get bolder. If you want to reduce redness, your skin type plays a role, but the Aerolase laser is very good at treating these kinds of skin conditions.

Most blemishes and imperfections are also fairly easy to fade away. We recommend giving us a call and discussing your exact needs with our trained staff.

What to expect after laser treatment?

As the Aerolase laser does not damage your skin, there is no downtime after the session is done. If there is any mild redness present, it should fade away within a few hours. As with any other skin treatment, you should put sunscreen on your treated area and try to avoid direct sunlight. 404-253-2663

Aerolase is a non-invasive treatment, and you will not need to take any days off work or cancel your vacation. In fact, you can just get up and go about your day as usual, right after treatment is finished.

How long will the results last?

Skin aging never entirely stops and can only be slowed down with proper skincare and various treatments. The speed at which aging marks reappear depends on your genetics, skincare regimen, sun exposure, environmental factors, and lifestyle. You should always keep this in mind and actively work on maintaining your skin’s health by keeping it clean and nourished.

Besides good skincare, we advise that you come back for maintenance every six months in order to keep your skin looking rejuvenated at all times. We also recommend you to commit to wearing a sunblock regularly as sun exposure is the biggest cause of accelerated skin aging.

How much does it cost?

Every Aerolase laser skin rejuvenation treatment is customized for your specific skin needs and skin type. In order to achieve the best results, we need to take a look at your skin and discuss what you want to accomplish with this treatment.

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