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Alpharetta laser hair removal and anti-aging clinic uses the latest technological advances to bring you the best laser treatments on the market. We treat many skin conditions, from acne to sun spots and can advise you on how to best maintain your results.

During consultation we will look at your troubled area and discuss with you what you can expect to accomplish with laser treatment. All of the steps of laser treatment procedure will be explained to you by our certified estheticians and you will be able to ask any questions you might have.

On top of this, if you would like to read more about different skin conditions and get yourself familiar with laser treatments in general, you can do that too. We have written extensive descriptions of each condition, what causes it and what results you can expect to achieve. Look at individual treatment pages to learn more.

You can get a free consultation by giving us a call at 404-253-2663 and scheduling a visit to our clinic. Laser skin treatments are painless for most people and can be done on both light and dark skin tones.



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Acne laser treatments are helpful for both teenage acne and adult acne. Since acne is a chronic condition, you might need to come back for more treatments once they return.

Regardless, this treatment is highly effective at clearing cystic acne and is recommended for everyone who can’t or doesn’t wish to take Accutane.

NeoClear Acne After 4 Treatments in alpharetta
alpharetta laser har removal armpit

Laser hair removal is quick and painless treatment which will leave your skin smooth and hair free for a long time. If you’ve never had it before, we suggest you start at a smaller area like underarms.

Different hair follicles are active at different times, so for a laser to deactivate them all, you need to come for 3 to 6 treatments spanning over a few months.

This condition is caused by overproduction of melanin and hints at underlying problems like inflammation and/or trauma on the skin, reaction to medication, contact with certain cosmetics or plants, and melasma.

Hyperpigmentation is a condition that affects men and women. It affects people of all skin colors and tones but can be more common in darker skin. Laser skin treatment can help brighten up your appearance by fading hyper pigmented areas and improving your skin’s health. 404-253-2663

pigmented age spots and hyper pigmentation treatment in alpharetta

Age spots appear in the areas where the skin is most exposed to the sun, which tends to be on the face, back of the neck, and hands. They can be alone or appear in groups and eventually form a cluster or a larger dark spot.

They usually appear on people aged 40 and over, though they can also form on younger people who often experience sunburns or use tanning beds. Luckily age spots are not cancerous and may not lead to cancer.

pigmented age spots and hyper pigmentation treatment in alpharetta

Rosacea is a quite common skin condition that presents symptoms of redness in the face (cheeks and nose). The cause still remains unknown, but the condition can be treated and put under control. In most cases, almost all of the redness will fade away and leave your skin clear and smooth.

To prolog the results, always wear sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight, shield your face from the cold wind, and avoid going out during both scorching and icy days.

rosacea laser treatment in alpharetta
pigmented age spots and hyper pigmentation treatment in alpharetta

The presence of symmetrically distributed tan brown or gray spots is often associated with melasma. This usually occurs on cheeks, nose, and forehead – areas that are most exposed to the skin. Interestingly only 5-10% of people experiencing melasma are men.

This condition can be faded with laser, and it is recommended that you wear a high SPF sunscreen to postpone the further occurrence of these spots. 404-253-2663

Laser skin treatment for skin rejuvenation is a non-invasive, gentle way of reducing wrinkles and fine lines, reducing redness and hyperpigmentation, and rejuvenating skin tone and texture.

Whether you are looking to prevent these or just want to make your skin feel youthful, you should give us a call and schedule your free consultation.

skin rejuvenation and wringle reduction in alpharetta
laser treatments for birthmarks in alpharetta

Birthmarks are a common occurrence and they usually appear in the first few weeks after birth. Birthmarks can range from tan, blue and pink, and sometimes red. With vascular birthmarks, they are basically blood vessels bunched together in your skin.

While small moles have little to no importance, larger marks can have negative impact on self-esteem or be a genuine nuisance. It is a good idea to get rid of all protruding birthmarks and prevent any future problems.

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Fill in the form or call us directly to get a FREE consultation (normally $250 in value) during which we will be discussing the best course of action and what results you can expect to see in the end. An aesthetician is also likely to test the laser on a small spot on your skin just to make sure you won’t have an unexpected reaction. 404-253-2663